The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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Vendors / Stallholders

Welcome to our Vendor / Stallholder Expression of Interest page

Great festivals have a great market and exciting tasty food, The National Celtic Festival is no exception. We are on the hunt for market stalls that offer high quality, interesting and affordable Celtic products, arts & crafts, local produce and food.

Please take the time to carefully read our terms and conditions below before applying.




National Celtic Festival June 8 – 11th 2018
Stallholder Terms and Conditions – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

Download a copy of the terms and conditions



  1. Several rows of undercover stalls – 3 x 3 metres
  2. Framed / Structured open front tent, with a front closing door, 5 to 8 stalls in row


  1. 3 x 3 metres for Outdoor No Cover
  2. 3 x 4 metres or 3 x 6 metres for Food Vendors
  3. 3 x 3 metres for 1 Day Only
  4. Must provide own safe, secure and presentable marquee, structure or food outlet
  5. Steel frame marquee system with tubing no less than 30mm square or diameter with PVC covering is permitted – umbrella or sunshade style cover is NOT permitted
  6. A pop up / pull-out aluminium frame system with Gore-Tex roof covering or PVC is permitted
  7. Heavy duty pegs (approx. 50-60cm in length) & heavy-duty ropes required


  1. All stalls must remain open for the following hours of operation unless otherwise agreed
  • Friday 8th June 6pm -10pm (optional, stallholders can trade once set-up from 6pm)
  • Saturday 9th June 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday 10th June 10am – 5pm
  • Monday 11th June 10am – 3pm

b. Stallholders are encouraged to extend hours until 10pm on Saturday & Sunday nights


  1. Stallholders are strongly encouraged to set-up on Friday rather than Saturday morning – can trade from 6pm Friday night once set-up
  2. Friday 8th June – area available from 11am – 2pm OR 2pm – 4pm
  3. All vehicles must be off-site by 4.30pm
  4. Saturday 9th June – area available from 7.30am to 9.30am by arrangement
  5. One Day stall site area available from 7.30am to 9.30am Saturday and Sunday
  6. All stall sites must be ready to operate by 10am every morning of the Festival
  7. No vehicles to be in the market area after 9.30am on any day of the Festival


  1. All market stalls are required to load in and out during the allocated times
  2. Entrance to the Festival site on Friday & Saturday morning is from Newcombe Street, please drive slowly and carefully. You will be required to take instruction & directions from the Market Coordinator, site crew and wardens
  3. Areas for unloading & loading of vehicles will be allocated on Festival site
  4. Stallholders can park their vehicles on The Esplanade or Fisher Street which has free all day parking available close to Festival site


  • Saturday & Sunday 5:15 – 6:15pm (for pack-up)
  • Saturday, Sunday & Monday 7:30 – 9:30am (for set-up)
  • Monday – From 3:30pm (for pack-up)


  1. Include a basic floor plan of your stall showing the exact overall dimensions, frontage and the infrastructure that you will bring with you such as tables and display stands
  2. Food Vendors must also include the location of cooking appliances, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, fire blanket, preparation areas etc
  3. Food vendors using a Cool room must include it within their stall size limit & show on plan


  1. Power supply is only available to selected areas
  2. Stallholders requiring power will be provided with an inclusive 10A supply which will be supplied via a lead which is protected by a safety switch
  3. Additional power supplies will incur costs as listed under Site Fees
  4. Be mindful that the extra prices only apply if the supplies are ordered prior to arriving on site
  5. Stallholders requesting additional power without notice will be charged at double the rate and will need to be pay in full prior to connection
  6. All stallholders requiring power must detail all equipment and how much electricity each unit draws in the application
  7. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical equipment has a current electrical test tag & is in good working order before connection to the site power
  8. All power leads must be taped, covered or strung overhead where applicable
  9. Double adaptors are not permitted & all power boards must have current overload protection
  10. A 30 metre lead is required for connection to NCF site power or nominated points, joints in leads will not be accepted


  1. The number of Food Vendor sites are strictly limited due to the nature of the site and power supply restrictions
  2. Preference given to Food Vendors who can provide their own generator – provide details
  3. All food vendors must be registered under the Food Act 1984 (Vic) – all Statutory & food handling regulations & standards must be followed at all times
  4. Food vendors who are able to operate for extended hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights will be given preference
  5. Complete a Notification of temporary food premises (temporary and portable food registration for businesses – tent, stall or marquee) OR
  6. Complete a Notification by a community group for temporary food premises (temporary and portable food registration for community groups – tent, stall or marquee) OR
  7. Complete a Mobile food registration (van, cart or moveable vehicle where food is prepared or sold, including coffee and other drink vans or carts)
  8. Apply at your principal council or go to, Services and Topics,
    T (Temporary food premises) or F (Food registration – mobile) to apply online or contact a Customer Service Centre (Phone: (03) 5272 5272)
  9. Food stalls must ensure heating or cooking appliances are in good order and comply with all statutory regulations. A fire extinguisher in good working order and a fire blanket must also be supplied. An NCF Electrician will inspect appliances and connect power whilst setting up
  10. All gas bottles and appliances must be securely fixed to inhibit toppling
  11. A total of 2 bottles at any one time can be kept on site, max size 10 kg
  12. All gas bottles shall be connected to appliances & there is no storage on site for spare gas bottles


  1. All stallholders are to provide their own tables and/or display equipment, chairs etc
  2. Stalls should not extend their displayed goods beyond the boundaries of their nominated site – do not encroach onto the walkways with racks or displayed goods
  3. No smoking will be permitted inside stalls, within 10 Metres of a building entrance, around combustibles or while handling hazardous materials
  4. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that your stall area is safe at all times & no part of your stall poses a hazard to any persons
  5. Council staff and/or NCF organisers will conduct inspections of all stall sites & any stalls found to have inadequate facilities and/or contravening the conditions of this agreement will not be permitted to operate
  6. Stallholders will not assign, share or sublet all or part of site without written consent of the NCF organisers
  7. NCF organisers reserve the right to enter any stall site & remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter that is not eligible for display, poses a risk or hazard or is deemed offensive
  8. Use of amplifiers or loud speakers to play pre-recorded music is not permitted without the consent of NCF organisers


In keeping with the expectations of both our festival patrons and the local community, in 2018 we have developed a strategy to reduce waste and improve recycling and resource recovery on site. The ABC TV series War on Waste has raised awareness of consumer waste especially food waste, single use plastics and non-recyclable packaging. We are partnering with Geelong Sustainability and other local agencies to pilot several waste reduction initiatives.

In 2018, we will be:

  • Encouraging patrons to BYO or to purchase reusable cups for hot and cold beverages
  • Setting up manned recycling stations to improve recycling rates and reduce contamination
  • Providing a food organic recycling facility for patrons and stall holders. Collected food waste will be converted to compost by Closed Loop Australia using their innovative 24-hour process
  • Offering a wash against waste service in a special green zone as part of our community awareness raising and educational activities

We are asking festival stall holders to work with us to reduce waste and litter at this year’s festival by undertaking the following actions:

  1. Avoid use of light weight plastic shopping bags and instead provide reusable or recyclable bags
  2. Food & beverage vendors are requested to serve and supply food using recyclable packaging where possible
  3. Beverage vendors are encouraged to offer a 50c discount on drinks when patrons supply a reusable cup
  4. Food vendors are encouraged to offer a 50c discount on food when patrons supply a reusable plate
  5. Willing to participate in our trial of a ‘washing service’ by using reusable crockery ( supplied by NCF )
  6. We recommend the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials such as those made from corn starch or bamboo
  7. If plastics can’t be avoided they should be from code 1, 2 or 3 plastics
  8. Food waste and recyclable waste to be separated and placed in designated bins
  9. Aim for limited waste, and for waste generated use rubbish bins provided and separate waste into general waste and recyclable materials
  10. All excess cardboard boxes should be disassembled and flat packed
  11. Stallholders will be expected to maintain general cleanliness around their site & leave their site in a clean & tidy condition

Green Commitment to Reduce Waste & Litter

Stallholders are asked to indicate on Expression of Interest form that they are willing to commit to these actions to reduce waste and litter. The focus of our sustainability project is to encourage stallholders to pilot several waste reduction initiatives.


  1. Stallholders are totally responsible for the security of their stall, equipment & goods
  2. Stallholders will not be permitted to sleep overnight on site
  3. The market area is patrolled by professional security guards during the Festival


  1. All stall holders MUST have their own Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of $10 million cover
  2. Attach copy of your current Public Liability Insurance policy to the application (must be current over Festival weekend or supply once renewed)


  1. Please do not send payment with Application – Expression of Interest
  2. Approved applicants will be sent written confirmation as soon as possible after closing date
  3. NCF organisers reserves the right to refuse applications at its own discretion
  4. All fees are to be paid in advance once application has been approved and official confirmation received (30 days from receipt). Stall sites will not be reserved without payment and may be reallocated to applications on waiting list
  5. Successful stallholders will be able to pay their site fee once confirmation has been received by Cheque, Money Order or Direct Deposit
  6. Site fee will not be refunded unless notice is given minimum 1 week prior to Festival commencing


  1. Site fees are set to cover the costs of infrastructure hire and installation, access to power supply and security
  2. Sites not requiring power are discounted by a minimum of $50 from powered sites (inclusive 10A supply which is supplied via a lead which is protected by a safety switch)
  3. Additional power supplies incur the following costs as listed
  4. Remember the following prices only apply if the supplies are ordered prior to arriving on site
  5. Stallholders requiring additional power without notice will be charged at double rate and will need to pay in full prior to connection

National Celtic Festival is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License Copyright © 2018 National Celtic Festival