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Online Artist Application 2017

Hi and welcome to the online artist application page for the National Celtic Festival 2017

Please make sure you have read the Application Guidelines before starting your application and that you have all of the relevant information pertaining to your application ready before you start, as you cannot save your application part way, it has to be completed.

It will take approx 10 – 20 min to complete and submit.

You can also download and submit the application manually.

Welcome to the National Celtic Festival 2017 on line Application form,

** Please note, all fields marked with a RED * are required.

** Please also read the Application Guidelines before completing \ submitting your application.  Artist application Guidelines 2017

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Powered / Acoustic Performance
The Programming Team is looking for variety and will give preference to acts that have other
contributions to offer. Apart from concerts, are there any other ways you can contribute to the Festival program?
Other :
Workshop Level :
We are very supportive of new ideas or unique ways of presenting your work at the Festival.
Do you have any suggestions or can you offer us something different?
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Festival Availability

Daytime = 10:00am - 6:00pm, Night Time = 6:00pm - Till Late*

Availability :

Artists are usually booked on the basis that they will be available to perform approximately 3 to 5 times throughout the whole weekend
(Friday night through to Monday afternoon)

Some acts may be engaged for just one performance or one day Please give a realistic quote on the basis of covering expenses and/or fee structure

Your quote should include ALL EXPENSES & GST (if registered for GST)

Quote for weekend performance*
Day Performance Fee :*
One off performance fee*
Above Fees are negotiable:*
Payment will be made by cheque on presentation of a valid Tax Invoice.
Please select one Tax option below and nominate the name to which the cheque is to be made payable.

Option 1
Registered for GST Supply Tax Invoice with ABN (stating GST has been included) before payment
Option 2
Not registered for GST but have an ABN Supply Tax Invoice with ABN (stating no GST has been included ) before payment.
Option 3
No ABN Supply Statement by a Supplier form and will forward it before payment.
Option 4
No ABN or Statement by a Supplier form Under PAYG legislation the Festival must withhold 48.5% from the fee and forward the same to the ATO on your behalf.
Tax Choice Option*
If you chose Option 1 or 2
If you chose Option 3 or 4 :
Preference will be given to applications that supply up-to-date support materials
Artists new to the Festival MUST provide CD recording and photo with application
Please supply the following supporting material-
1. Quality CD Recording (will also be used for Festival marketing & promotion - CD's will not be returned)
2. Photo – Preferably in JPEG format, at least 300 Dpi (it may be included in our program or used for marketing)
3. Biographical material

Programming Director
National Celtic Folk Festival
PO Box 1314, Geelong 3220

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