The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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International Connections

The collaboration with national and international arts organisations has established the festival profile in many forums. The festival is represented at peak international and national industry gatherings each year. Various collaboration has resulted in new and innovative developments in the program that focuses on cultural exchange, bringing depth and diversity to the program.

Australia’s National Celtic Festival extends a warm welcome to our visitors from the Highlands of Scotland; Fèis Rois.  Fèis is the Scottish Gaelic word for “Festival” and Rois translates as “Ross.” Ross-Shire is the area of Scotland where the organisation is based. Fèis Rois is renowned for providing high quality education opportunities for young people to gain skills in traditional Scottish musical instruments, including fiddle, bagpipes, harp and accordion, as well as the Gaelic language.

The visit to Australia signifies an innovative cultural partnership that aims to foster cultural exchange and collaboration between the two countries. From the outset it was clear that there was indeed common ground to forge an exciting partnership.

Feis Rois & National Celtic Festival Workshop Weekend 2017

Saturday June 3rd & Sunday June 4th 10am to 4pm

Young traditional musicians from Scotland (Feis Rois) will work with Australian traditional musicians over a weekend of workshops in Melbourne led by Feis Rois and Scottish composers/ musicians Adam Sutherland and Marc Clement (SessionsA9). Feis Rois musicians are Robbie Mackenzie (fiddle), Rory Matheson (accordion & piano), Ailis Sutherland (pipes, whistles & vocals) and Kaitlin Ross (guitar & vocals).

The group will then perform their work at The National Celtic Festival on Sunday 11th June at approx. 7pm.

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