The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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Face of the Festival


The title Face of the Festival is awarded each year to a person that has taken on the spirit of our festival and gone out of their way to promote the National Celtic Festival. This person is like an ambassador for the festival and chosen and announced by the festival committee, at the end of the current years festival. They are often blessed with an infectious passion for Celtic culture!

The 2017 Face of the Festival is Anna Lake.

Anna represents the work ethic that goes on to make the festival all that it is. Since her days as an event student, Anna has grown with the Celtic Festival to become an invaluable team member who brings great joy and life to the festival!


Previous Years Faces:

2016 Douglas Clan – Colleen, Clarissa and Tenisha 

2016’s ‘Face of the Festival’ is best described as a family tree. Three generations, all dancing the
Highland fling in Scottish tartans – and I’m sure they would all line up and do this if you asked them!
The elder of the family Colleen Douglas has been a long time volunteer at the National Celtic
Festival, well before the move to Portarlington, as well as serving as a committee member in the
early days. Then we have Clarissa, daughter of Colleen, who started dancing at the age of 5, and now
teaches dance, along with dancing with Claymore, at their national and international gigs.
Then we have Imogen (grand daughter of Colleen and daughter of Clarrisa), along with
Tenisha (grand daughter of Colleen) all dancing in dance schools. This year Imogen and
Tenisha are heading to China to dance at the Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts
Festival a one-month art extravaganza that showcases a wide variety of local and
international folk traditions.

2015 Mark Butler

2014 Cathy Blake and her Clan

2013  Jack Wilson

2011  Mary McEvilly

2012  Geoff Jones and Pete Moir – Pipes and Drums

2011  Catherine Fraser

2010  Pria Schwall-Kearney

2009  Maria Forde

2008  Jimmy Moore

2007  William Hutton

2006  Claire Schultz

2005  Fionnula Callahan