The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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The Celtic Club is the place to meet up with friends and catch some high-energy performances over the weekend. With a great dance space and Guinness, Kilkenny and Cider on tap it’s the ultimate ‘Club’ venue! It’s the place for a ‘craicing’ good time.



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Feeling hungry and want some wholesome yummy food to keep you going? Look no further than the Celtic Café, located between the Wine Bar and Parks Hall. Serving breakfasts, pies, curries, soups and great coffee all festival long.


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The Village Stage is open for all! A free venue offering a ‘taste of the festival’ featuring many aspects of the main program. Around lunchtime you will also be able to enjoy a glass of local wine in the venue. Everyone is welcome and if don’t have a festival ticket just drop a gold coin in the bucket and wander in.


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A large, concert style venue, featuring some truly great performances across the weekend. Parks Hall is a venue that lets you settle in and be completely absorbed by the music. Across the weekend there will be feature concerts and on Sunday the floor will be cleared for the Festival Ceilidh Dance.


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Upon the hill-top of Harding Street, this little hall has tons of character and is the perfect venue to sneak away to…. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes, voices or instruments though!


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The Senior Citizens of Portarlington welcome you to their Club Room. Here you will be able to enjoy some wonderful concerts and a “good old fashioned” afternoon tea offered by the Portarlington Senior Citizens. As well as some great concerts, the Club Room will host ‘Trad Talk’ and our popular ‘In Conversation’ with some of your favourite festival artists.