The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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Shamrock Sheilas

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The Shamrock Sheilas are a Sydney based Irish band with traditional roots. The band was formed in 2010 with the traditional Irish musicians spreading their musical talents in Australia. They have a strong fiddle influence and the combination of styles from Limerick, Laois and Mayo is a combination to be reckoned with. This year’s lineup includes Louise Phelan, Mary McEvilly-Butler, Susan Miller and Ben Stephenson. Their foot-tapping, energetic music shows their years of experience, various styles, and above all, friendship, enjoyment and love of music.


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Trioc is a recently formed collective of young Victorian instrumentalists comprising of Cameron Hibbs (fiddle), Matthew Horsley (uilleann pipes) and Allan Evans (harp and whistles), performing Irish traditional music. Their repertoire includes traditional Irish jigs, reels, hornpipes and slow airs in inventive and sensitive arrangements. Trioc’s sound is at once earthy and ethereal, reflecting the band members’ respect for the torchbearers of the Irish musical tradition as well as their own unique musical vision.

Victorian Welsh Male Choir

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The Welsh express much of their rich musical tradition through choral singing.

Choirs- male, female and mixed – are an integral part of musical life in Wales and many small villages have their own choir. Victoria Welsh Male Choir, with its Welsh-born conductor Faleiry Koczkar OAM, is from this tradition, and maintains the Welsh musical heritage in Australia. Singing in beautiful four-part harmony, they perform throughout Victoria and interstate, and regularly tour Wales to reconnect with their roots.