The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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First Announcements

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The first international headliners to be announced this year are Welsh five-piece Calan, Irish/US combo Kevin Crawford (flute), Patrick Doocey (guitar) and Colin Farrell (fiddle), and Scottish singer-songwriter Paul McKenna. Out from Ireland is traditional musician and teacher Dáire Mulher, and Scottish Gaelic arts school Feis Rois will also feature.

Those representing the local celtic circuit include folk storytelling icon Eric Bogle, and much loved all-Australian ensemble The Bushwackers. Melbourne’s Gavin siblings, An Gabhain will also play, alongside acoustic duo Anna & Jordan, Brisbane based the Barleyshakers, the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, and Australian Idol star Damien Leith – who returns to the festival for his second year in a row!

The National Celtic Festival is not limited to just music, with countless dance, theatre, comedy, literature and instrumental workshops included in the diverse range of activities on offer. Community arts project Lantunda will be one of two national theatre groups performing at the festival, bringing together a mix of shadow puppetry, stories and music focused on themes of place, belonging and Gaelic traditions in Australia.

The 2017 Celtic Festival… Not as far away as you think!

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National Celtic Festival @ Portarlington is a cultural bank of Celtic talent, focused within a one-kilometre radius. If history repeats itself, 2017 will be another mighty year. Whether it’s the enchanting sounds of bagpipes looming over the coastal shores, the beat of the bodhran, or the chance to pop into a poetry recital that draws you to the festival, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ‘Craic’.  The rich deposits of Celtic culture and the dream of a creamy pint of Guinness is a recipe for success year after year.

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