The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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Theatre Program

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Not just a great music festival, but a great festival of theatre!

The festival is committed to developing a rich and broad arts festival, where the performing and literary arts feel right at home within our festival program.

“The inclusion of a theatre strand within a festival program over the last few years, I guess was a bit of risk, as it goes against the expectation of music concerts and the like. But I can confidently say now that the National Celtic Festival is not just a great festival of music, but also a great festival of theatre! We have been true to our commitment of deeply engaging with Celtic culture through an exploration of language, literature, poetry and theatre. What has emerged is a real thirst for such a program, attracting interest from a broad spectrum of audiences, and artists of such high caliber from Australia and overseas.”

—Jim Lawson, Vessel Theatre Company.