The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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Community Groups

The Celtic Piping Club

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The Celtic Piping Club is the hub for Australia’s Celtic piping community. They provide a network for people who play or are interested in the various types of Celtic pipes including uilleann pipes, Scottish smallpipes, Northumbrian pipes, Border pipes and other bellows​-blown or mouth​-blown pipes.

Comhaltas Melbourne

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Comhaltas Melbourne has been gathering since 1970 to celebrate and pass on the fun that is traditional Irish music. Our ceilis and workshops are a hit with all age groups and skill levels, so come down to try your hand at a few new dances.

Portarlington Harmonica Band

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The band plays diatonic harmonicas accompanied by percussion, lagerphone, and bohran in a blend of Australian, Scottish and Irish traditional airs. The Portalrington Harmonica Band perform on the tall ship Enterprize.

St Joseph’s College Celtic Group

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The SJC Celtic group was started 2 years ago by music teacher Amy Young and a small group of students who enjoyed playing in regular informal Celtic sessions at lunchtimes. This group has continued to grow, with students enjoying playing together and discovering the many complexities of rhythms and melodies across their broad Celtic repertoire. They have performed at many school events over the past couple of years and have become a staple group in the expanding music program at St Joseph’s.