The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

The National Celtic Festival

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Month: March 2017

Eric Bogle

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Eric Bogle (Scottish born and raised) and his long term partner in crime, John Munro, have been taking Eric’s original songs around the world for the last 37 years. They have toured Canada, the USA and the UK a number of times, as well as Europe, Bermuda and New Zealand.

Geelong Scottish Dance

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Geelong Scottish Dance has been a proud supporter and participant of the National Celtic Festival for many years.

Dancers will entertain you with a blend of traditional and contemporary dance with an upbeat tempo.  The performance displays various skill levels by children and young adults.


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An exciting and multi-disciplinary project will be presented at this year’s festival in the historic Portarlington Rotunda! In partnership with Regional Arts Victoria and Made in Natimuk, the show will bring to life a giant glowing lantern from which images will dance and play to create a world of colour, shadow and light to tell the story of the Celtic Sea God Mannanon!

Lantunda is a community arts project featuring shadow puppets, story and music that will center on retelling, renewing and creating stories of place and belonging from the community. The project will explore local stories, old and new, and their connections to the history of the land and cultures of peoples of this place. This will include highlighting the story of the Celts and their cultural traditions in Australia. 

Lantunda will melt into The Gathering, a genre-bending procession and performance which will begin with the ritualistic lighting of the hearth-fire. Join us in this enchanting and exciting procession, and release your hopes into the night air with us!

Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club

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The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club explores the lively sounds of Scottish music with repertoire that both acknowledges and reinvents traditional roots, drawing enthusiastic and loyal crowds. Regularly collaborating with some of the world’s best traditional musicians, the Club puts on a charming and exhilarating show and is guaranteed to get your feet stomping!

Niki na Meadhra

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Much loved, Melbourne-based storyteller, Niki na Meadhra, transports her audiences to Ireland, past and present. Breathing into the voices of her ancestors, she weaves words into vivid imaginings for listeners of all ages. She works passionately as an oral storyteller and engages adults and children alike with this rich tradition.

O’Shea-Ryan Irish Dance Group

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The O’Shea-Ryan Irish Dance Group has been in existence for over 60 years.

They are beautifully attired in colourful costumes with Celtic designs, and their lively energetic dances are performed to the ‘toe-tapping’ music of traditional Irish Jigs and Reels, both lively and entertaining, and have always been greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all.  

Many of these performers are experienced International Dancers, having presented their Irish Culture throughout Europe and Asia.

Portarlington Harmonica Band

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The band plays diatonic harmonicas accompanied by percussion, lagerphone, and bohran in a blend of Australian, Scottish and Irish traditional airs. The Portalrington Harmonica Band perform on the tall ship Enterprize.

St Joseph’s College Celtic Group

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The SJC Celtic group was started 2 years ago by music teacher Amy Young and a small group of students who enjoyed playing in regular informal Celtic sessions at lunchtimes. This group has continued to grow, with students enjoying playing together and discovering the many complexities of rhythms and melodies across their broad Celtic repertoire. They have performed at many school events over the past couple of years and have become a staple group in the expanding music program at St Joseph’s.

Victorian Irish Dance Academy

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The Victorian Irish Dance Academy will perform an energetic dance display incorporating the best of both traditional and modern Irish Dance styles. The dancers will perform group Céili dances such as ‘The 3 Tunes’ and ‘The Eight Hand Jig’ as well as fast-paced modern choreography Reels and Jigs in both hard and soft shoes.